Top 5 Domino’s in Canada

Domino's Canada
Domino’s Canada

Domino’s are very popular in Canada. Around 500 Domino’s stores are being run in Canada according to statistics of 2019 which is a huge number. Here is the list of top 5 Dominos of Canada.

Domino’s Pizza in Kamloops

 Domino’s Pizza in Kamloops is in 789 Fortune Dr Unit 60, Kamloops, BC V2B 2L3, Canada. The working hours starts from 11 a.m. till 1a.m in the morning. For the comfort of customers, it offers both carryout and delivery options. If you are tired of an exhausting day or in a rush to attend a meeting, you can stop by this Domino’s for a hot and fresh carryout pizza. Since this outlet is located at the intersection of Trans-Canada Highway and Oriole Road, you can easily get there yourself or get delivery in an instant. Moreover, the variety it offers is just like heaven; for instance, it has Feast Pizzas, chicken wings, specialty chicken, pasta bowls, bread sides, refreshments, and even dessert. Nobody is left behind due to its variety.  I would personally recommend the chocolate lava of this outlet due to its delicious taste. 

Domino’s Pizza in Montreal

Coming back home after a hectic day and craving for a pizza, then you must go to 751 Rue de Bonsecours Montreal, QC, Canada which is located between Saint Louis and Champ de Mars. This store offers both carryout and delivery options for the Old Montreal and Old Port area.  So, you can order it too. It has a delicious menu that consists of Feast Pizzas, pasta bowls, chicken wings, specialty chicken, bread sides, and dessert. The bread sides such as Breadsticks, Cheesy Bread, Cheesy Garlic Fingers, or Cinna Stix are the speciality of this outlet, so you must try one. The timing of this outlet is the same from Monday till Friday that is 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., but on Saturday and Sunday, it closes at 2 a.m. 

Domino’s Pizza in Alliston

If you reside in Alliston, you must give Domino’s try there. It is in 50 King St South Alliston, ON L9R1H6, Canada which is at the corner of Highway 89 (Young Street) and King Street. They also offer both delivery and carryout options. It is a very convenient location; hence you can get a fresh and hot pizza both upon delivery and carry out. Alliston Domino’s currently serves the Honda plant. Moreover, it offers Specialty Feast Pizzas, including Veggie, ExtravaganZZa which is a combination of fresh vegetables and savoury meats; MeatZZa which is covered in pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, and beef; Philly Steak, a delicious favourite turned pizza, so and so forth. The store hours are as follow: 

Monday-Thursday: 10:00am-11:00pm

Friday:  10:00am-1:00am

Saturday: 11:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. 

Sunday: 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Domino’s Pizza in Burnaby

This outlet is located at 1601 Burnwood, Dr Burnaby, BC V5A4H1, Canada. It is near Simon Fraser University, so gets a lot of orders from university students and staff. Whether you are at Mountain Golf Course and Driving Range, or Burnaby Mountain Park, you can easily take away or order pizza from there. It also has a great variety from pizzas to bread sides and desserts. Choose a meal of your choice and enjoy the delicious Domino’s. 

Store hours are:

Sunday-Thursday: 11:00a.m.-1:00a.m.

Friday-Saturday 11:00a.m.-3:00a.m.

Domino’s Pizza in Hamilton

It is located at 1440 Main St E Unit 2 Hamilton, ON L8K6M3. This outlet uses the best ingredients for hand tossed and crunchy crust pizza. The menu has Chicken Wings, Chicken Kickers, Breadsticks and Cheesy bread along with desserts (Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake and Cinna Stix). The famous pizzas are Pepperoni Feast pizza, “Meatzza” all meat pizza, vegetarian “Veggie” pizza, cheese pizza, Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken Feast.

Store hours are:

Sunday-Thursday 11:00a.m.-1:00a.m.

Friday-Saturday 11:00a.m.-3:00a.m.

Overall, there are amazing deals and coupons in all these Domino’s stores. So, go to their website and check them out. Click on Dominos near me and enjoy deal of the day…!

Updated: February 19, 2020 — 2:05 pm

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