Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar which was used by Maya Civilization uses a system of three interlacing calendars: The Haab, The Tzolkin and The Long count. The Long count system came to end on December 21, 2012. Which rose the phenomena of doomsday in 2012. The film 2102: The doomsday was also based on the end of Mayan calendar but it was proved wrong.

One important thing which was believed very powerful in Maya civilization was the Summer Solstice: the ending of the calendar on Dec 21, also indicates towards its importance. They believed Summer solstice was a time of spiritual initiation and change. Therefore they held different ceremonies to celebrate the day and balance the power of earth and sun. There are many theories about the ending of the calendar on Dec 21, but I believe that Summer solstice in southern hemisphere is a time which will bring change to the world. A new hope and energy will spread among humanity to counter the challenges of survival on earth.

Also we are near to June 20, which is the moment of the longest day in northern hemisphere. As Mayans were aware of the different states of mind and physique, likely this solstice will bring self consciousnesses, energy and power to the mind and physique. Which will hopefully help humanity to encounter the outbreak of COVID-19.

As all are locked down in due Corona Virus, here are some tips for you to practice every day and on the moment of summer solstice.

  • Be true to yourself and others.
  • Ground yourself: but be connected with nature.
  • Heal yourself: Do yoga or meditation to guide you in through changes.
  • Drink lots of water and juices.
  • Make a to do list: After when it is over make a to do list to follow on.
  • Nurture yourself: There is a lot to do inside when your are locked down, clean your house, develop a new hobby, change your diet.
  • It is a great moment to spend time with yourself: to familiarize with your inner-self.
  • Sleep well and make your immune system strong.
  • Absorb the new energy.

I hope this will be over soon and a new hope, energy, direction and motivation is waiting for humankind on earth. Another survival strategy will be adopted by humankind, which will of course consider helping the nature after when it is over. This summer solstice will bring peace on Earth. “Fingers twisted”.

Updated: April 15, 2020 — 6:59 am

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